New Indicators for Computational Antitrust

I believe that there is an immensely rich, and largely unexplored source of information in unstructured textual data that would be hugely useful for applied microeconomic works, including my own area of IO and competition policy.

Open Data

Many countries in the world allow access to a vast array of information, such as documents under freedom of information requests, statistics, datasets. In the European Union, most taxpayer financed data in government administration, transport, or meteorology, for example, can be usually re-used. More and more scientific output is expected to be reviewable and reproducible, which implies open access.

Small- and Medium Sized Enterprizes

Access to finance, activity, and regulatory hurdles indicators

EU Datathon 2021

Reprex, a Dutch start-up enterprise formed to utilize open source software and open data, is looking for partners in an agile, open collaboration to win at least one of the three EU Datathon Prizes.

Reprex Open Data Day 2021

Open Data Day 2021 focusing on environmental, sustainability and public spending data mapping.

Open Data Day Interview: Mapping Data with Milos Popovic

Milos Popovic is a researcher, a data scientist, Marie Curie postdoc & Top 10 dataviz & R contributor on Twitter according to NodeXL. He is going to join the Data & Lyrics team on International Open Data Day to help us put harmonized environmental degradation perception and environmental sensory data on maps. We asked him four questions about his passion, mapping data. Please join us 6 March 2021 9.30 EST / 15.30 CET for an informal digital coffee.