Data API

Our observatory has a new data API which allows access to our daily refreshing open data. You can access the API via (apologies for the ugly, temporary subdomain masking!).

All the data and the metadata are available as open data, without database use restrictions, under the ODbL license. However, the metadata contents are not finalized yet. We are currently working on a solution that applies the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship, and fulfills the mandatory requirements of the Dublic Core metadata standards and at the same time the mandatory requirements, and most of the recommended requirements of DataCite. These changes will be effective before 1 July 2021.

The Competition Data Observatory temporarily shares an API with the Economy Data Observatory, which serves as an incubator for similar economy-oriented reproducible research resources.

Indicator table

The indicator table contains the actual values, and the various estimated/imputed values of the indicator, clearly marking missing values, too. indicator retrieval indicator retrieval

You can get the data in CSV or json format, or write SQL querries. (Tutorials in SQL, R, Python will be posted shortly.)

Description metadata table

Processing Metadata table

The metadata table contains various data processing information, such as the first and last actual observation of the indicator, the number of approximated, forecasted, backcasted values, last update at source and in our system, and so on. processing metadata processing metadata

Authoritative Copies

Greendeal Data Observatory on Zenodo

Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
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My research interests include reproducible social science, economics and finance.

Botond Vitos
Botond Vitos
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Botond is a data scientist and cultural studies scholar with an interest in digital humanities, music research and festival cultures.